KakaoTalk for PC Download Windows 10/8/7/XP

KakaoTalk for Windows PC is basically a free instant text messaging application for Android, iPhone, Mac and Windows Pc that allows the sending as well as the receiving of messages and photos, voice messages, videos, contact information, location and even URL links in one on one group chats.

This is a user-friendly instant messenger which supports voice and group chats, transfer of files as well as animated emoticons to spice up conversations. You can do free unlimited calls from Kakao with your friends and send free unlimited text messages as well. Make sure you are in touch with your friends by sending them multimedia messages. With KakaoTalk you can also send video messages, voice messages, and picture messages. This is undoubtedly the fastest and easiest way of communicating around the world. KakaoTalk 2019 version works best on 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi for the best call quality. It also supports many platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry as well as Windows.

KakaoTalk for Desktop



KakaoTalk for Desktop Windows 10/8/7/XP

KakaoTalk PC avails the most convenient synchronization between your PC and your mobile phone. It is very easy to stay in touch wherever you are. KakaoTalk for PC allows you to make free calls and send free messages to other people who use KakaoTalk app for laptop on any device and any network in all the countries of the world.

  • Chat one on one with as many friends as possible around the world free of charge.
  • Send your photos, voice note, contact info and your location very easily.
  • If you are planning to have an even with your family and friends, then poll your chat room at the best place and the right time.
  • The chatting will never be boring courtesy of Kakao Friends stickers as well as animated emoticons.
  • Have the opportunity of following your celebrities and favorite brands, events as well as the latest news.
  • Install and enjoy the services offered by KakaoTalk software using your Windows PC.

Some Useful KakaoTalk Tips:

If you lived anywhere in Asia then most probably you are familiar with KakaoTalk. For those who have friends in Asia then you will probably find them using this instant text messaging application a lot. This app is very beautiful to use and is very popular in Asia. However, anyone can download and use this app. This app is popular because of its ease of usage and simplicity. It is very easy to use this app. There is no problem though in learning a few tips that you should bear in mind while using this app.

  1. One can buy in app themes for KakaoTalk. You can buy these by downloading them from Play Store or doing it directly from the app. The process of downloading and installing the themes is very easy.
  2. There will be a possibility of downloading free as well as premium themes. There exists a VIP theme area where you can play games, collect points and then exchange these points for the themes that your prefer.
  3. Go to the Message Alerts in your settings, and you will be able to see all the available stickers within the message pop-ups only. This helps in saving so much time especially when your friends have sent you stickers, and you don’t know what they are up to.
  4. By long tapping on the message, you will be able to broadcast your personal chat messages in the group. A menu will automatically pop up, and you should tap on announce then share it with your chosen group. This way you will have sent your best message to the people you want. It is worth remembering though that only messages sent by you will be available for an announcement and not the messages received by you.
  5. It is possible to add a group chat room to your favorites. Do this by simply tapping on the group and then clicking on Add to Favourites. This particular group will start displaying as your favorites along with other preferred contacts.
  6. There are animated emoticons found in KakaoTalk latest 2019 download. There is a service called Gift icons where you can buy animated emoticons for yourself and gift them to your fellow KakaoTalk users too.
  7. These were among some of the tips that will help you use KakaoTalk very efficiently. We hope that you will enjoy communicating with your friends on KakaoTalk.

KakaoTalk Latest Version

KakaoTak for Desktop Features:

  • Research has shown that about 150 million people use KakaoTalk in over 15 languages.
  • This app is used not only in sending free messages and calls but also in sending photos, voice messages, URL links, videos, locations as well as contact information.
  • It is possible to chat one on one even chat via a group chat.
  • This app uses 3G or Wi-Fi connection. For those who have a valid data usage then it is possible to send messages, photos and contact information for free. There may be situations when charges may apply.
  • This app will automatically synchronize with all your contacts.
  • KakaoTalk App ID will help you get the contact of all Kakao app users if you don’t have the contact of a particular user.
  • KakaoTalk app was originally started as a messenger app but is now being used in distributing apps to third parties like games.
  • There is a new feature available in the KakaoTalk for PC Download Windows 10/8/7/XP that allows you to play various games with your friends using the app.

KakaoTalk Review:

KakaoTalk is a very innovative instant messaging application that is capable of delivering a new approach to texting and calling. It is available for smartphones and PCS as well. It makes a very reliable channel for communication having extra security features for protecting your identity.

What makes KakaoTalk unique is the possibility of staying connected to the network regardless of where you are provided that you have a device use to connect from. Because it depends so much on this flexible approach, the advantages of using this application are unlimited.

KakaoTalk aims at interconnecting users as well as providing a decent level of security as it does so. The safety of the accounts has been greatly enhanced by the strict registration and authentication process which incorporates so many steps that require confirmations and security codes.

kakaotalk for windows download

The purpose of this app being primarily to chat, it allows us to carry out individual chats as well as create chat rooms which can be used by many users. It is also possible to make free calls to each other only when using a mobile phone, though.

A use friendly window is used to carry out the conversations having the messages displayed inside a bubble shaped frame which is similar to the approach used by Android/iPhone. The availability of the collections of emotions and animations can spice up the chats. It is also possible to save the conversation.

The other advantage is that of exchanging files. About 10 items are capable of being sent at once by using the drag and drop operation. It is also possible to customize how the chat window appears by simply changing the background to a custom image or preset.

There are notifications to inform you about all incoming file transfers as well as messages that have the possibilities of being configured entirely by using the Options Window. You can also customize your various appearance settings from this section like font, text style, and opacity.

If you consider the above facts, KakaoTalk qualifies to be classified as a modern instant messaging app that addresses both mobile user and PC users by providing them with all they need to stay in touch.

Talk with your Friends with KakaoTalk

Download KakaoTalk for Desktop 2019 app is meant to allow you connect with your friends without having to incur charges while sending SMS. All you’ll be needed to do is to connect to the Internet and be able to access all the features of the app. It is possible to customize your profile, buy funny as well as useful emoticons.

kakaotalk full version download
If you want to download an app that will allow you connect your mobile phone or tablets to your account, then you will need an emulator called Andy. All apps manufactured to be used in mobile phones or tablets will not work with a PC, and this is where you need and emulator that will link them. This will also allow you to acquire Android OS software even for those who use Mac and Windows. The system is always up-to-date to ensure that all updated changes and the launching of Android will automatically be installed in your system.

How Andy Works on KakaoTalk for PC

Avail more time to your portable device; relax after getting home by upgrading your computer system by suing KakaoTalk for PC. As soon as you find it hard to work with your portable gadget, you will then think of transferring to your computer which has a larger display and has even more memory capacity.

Andy will ensure that your mobile device is linked with your personal computer. After acquiring the app, you might feel like you are using and Android Tablet that will have been liked and transferred to the monitor of your PC. It is designed to keep your most recent Android OS highlights as well as improvements. On top of that, you will have unlimited memory storage, a lot of computer compatibility and an option of enjoying and saving several computer games and other applications without having to worry about the touch screen, joystick, and the keyboard.

The communication apps will still run in the background even if you use a different game application. To know more about the games, there will be many tutorials that you can go through to understand most attributes of the programs.

Free Download KakaoTalk for PC or Mac

Step 1: Start by downloading the android emulator software called Download Andy for Windows because it is freely available. To download it, simply click here,

Step 2: Start installing the Andy by simply clicking on the installer file that you downloaded.

Step 3: Immediately the software is ready for usage, launch the software and complete the sign-up procedure and then login with your Google Play account.

Step 4: Start your Google Play Store app and use its search tool in searching for KakaoTalk download.

Step 5: Locate KakaoTalk and start installing it.

Step 6: Launch the game and go ahead and play KakaoTalk on PC using your mouse or keyboard and a touch screen too.

Step 7: Remotely access the game using Andy remote control app by installing the remote control app

Enjoy using KakoTalk on PC or macOS latest.

That is all we had for you guys. I hope that you will successfully download KakaoTalk for PC Download Windows 10/8/7/XP. Should you have any questions or suggestions towards this article, feel free to talk to us by contacting us. Kindly make sure that you share this article with your friends on the various social media platforms. Thank you!

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